Political Posters

Murals tell stories. These mural include stories from 2 blocks on Haight st in San Francisco.


The 2 Jacks mural honors the history of sharecropping and activism among Black farmers in California as the backdrop to the Southern Soulfood experience at 2 Jacks, the oldest restaurant in the Lower Haight, SF. Nikki Cooper and her parents have been pouring love into their food since 1977, this mural tells their story.


Completed in 2012, the Pierce st Mural was designed to highlight themes of contribution. Wangari Maathai is featured as a person who embodies community sustainability. In an area where young people are often criminalized, the idea was to show young people shoulder to shoulder with adults, with interchangeable roles of mentorship. Delvin Kenobe painted all of the free hand areas of this mural.